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The Internet is the nervous system of our planet and the billions of people who lack communications infrastructure do not see themselves as the "last mile problem".

Welcome to FMS, where last mile problems are seen as first mile opportunities for both operators and end-users.

Now, for under $1.00 per user, rural communities that have never seen a newspaper can do things like email, browse the Web, and have their own voicemail box using FMS technology.

Our technology leverages two major trends that are rapidly driving costs down: WiFi (802.11x wireless) and digital storage. Essentially, we develop cached WiFi intelligence. FMS is based in Cambridge, MA and holds patent-pending intellectual property based on research and development performed by management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The term "First Mile" was coined by Titus Moetsabi, a poet/ developmental communications specialist, at a Southern African Rural Connectivity Workshop in Harare in February, 1997. He was the first to turn the "last mile" concept on its head and help us think instead of rural communities from the user perspective -- the first mile, not the last. This term expresses a more equitable and far less top-down approach to the challenge of providing universal connectivity, regardless of location and income.
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The and commissioned a Case Study on our technology entitled What Works: First Mile Solutions' DakNet Takes Rural Communities Online; Affordable, Asynchronous Internet Access for Rural Users , October 2005
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